19 September 2019

Places for an Unforgettable Meal in Dublin

Overwhelmed with choice and not sure where to eat in Dublin? To help solve this issue we decided to put together a list of the most unique and memorable dining experiences in Dublin.


  1. Sophie's Dublin 

    Sophie’s Bar and Restaurant provides you with one of the best views of the city. Enjoy this 360-degree view of Dublin over some brunch or dinner. They also have a wide selection of cocktails to choose from and not forgetting their Insta famous swing – you can’t go to Sophie’s without getting a picture on the swing!


    1. The Mag Egg 

    Mad Egg offers a simple but fantastic menu. You can choose from a range of chicken burgers or chicken tenders along with a wide range of sides. What really gives The Mad Egg an edge is their DIY cheesecake. You receive a plain cheesecake, choose a range of toppings and can decorate your cheesecake whatever way you like – amazing!


    1. Fire Restaurant 

    Located on Dawson Street near St Stephens Green Fire is a multi-award-winning restaurant offering the ultimate casual dining experience. They provide a wide range of dishes that has the potential to please everyone’s palette.


    1. Xico

    Xico is an underground Mexican themed bar, restaurant and nightclub. Situated on Baggot street Xico is the trendiest bar and restaurant to emerge in the city of late. This place is ideal to come to eat food, drink cocktails and stay for a night of dancing on the tables ‘til last orders.


    1. Póg 

    For a funky, healthy eating house that specialises in salads, juices, smoothies, fro-yo, coffee and guilt-free treats, head to Póg Cafe! Póg combines health and indulgence and is located just off O’Connell street. It is ideal for breakfast, brunch or lunch.


    1. Cleaver East 

    Cleaver East is situated within the hustle and bustle of temple bar and is owned by Michelin star chef – Oliver Dunne. The quality, interior and atmosphere in this eatery makes it the ultimate place to get a bite to eat. They also offer one of the best-loved brunches in the city and you have the option to add bottomless prosecco, the perfect girls day out.


    If you think there is something we are missing from this list make sure to let us know – info@thekeycollections.com. If you happen to check out some of these places make sure and tag us @thekeycollections




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