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Our Guesthouses are all conveniently located in Dublin City Centre and Carrick on Shannon town centre.

Each of the properties have their own unique character. We offer you an array of choices to suit your own needs. Experience Georgian charm accommodation in the middle of Dublin City Centre, choose large and modern accommodation, enjoy a unique experience staying in a peaceful rural location or be right in the hub of Temple Bar with outstanding views of the River Liffey. 

Our Guesthouse Listing


Amberley House by thekeycollections

Located: Gardiner Street - 2 minute walk from O'Connell Street

Rating: 8/10 from over 1700 reviews - read our reviews

From: €69.00 per night - Only available direct

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Clifden House by thekeycollections

Located: Gardiner Place - 12 minute walk from Croke Park

Rating: 7.7 out of over 1500 reviews - read our reviews

From: €45.00 per night - Only available direct

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Carrick Plaza Suites by thekeycollections 

Located: Carrick-on-Shannon town

Rated: 8.7 out of over 500 reviews

From: €45.00 per person - Only available direct 

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No.9 Rathgar by thekeycollections 

Located: Rathgar, Dublin 6

Rated: 9/10 from over 200 reviews

From: €45.00 per person - Only available direct 

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 Temple Bar Lane by thekeycollections 

Located: Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Rated: over 8/10 from over 200 reviews

From: €65.00 per person - Only available direct 

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Dublin Airport Manor

Sword, Co. Dublin

Carrick Plaza Suites

Carrick On Shannon

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