Temple Bar – Clifden

Temple Bar wears quite a few hats, party capital of Ireland, elegantly preserved medieval town and Dublin’s bohemian quarter. Temple Bar is one of the oldest parts of Dublin City and some of the area’s first residents were the Vikings. To this day Temple Bar is rich in medieval and Viking culture and artefacts. The gothic Christchurch cathedral, built in 1030 stands at the end of Temple Bar as a reminder of the areas, history and culture.  The cobblestoned and winding streets of Temple Bar are derived from the original medieval town.In the mid-20th century the Temple Bar area had fallen into disrepair and was almost bought by a bus company to build a car park until the government stepped in.
The local government designated Temple Bar a centre for culture in Dublin and since the 1990s the area has flourished into one of the most popular cultural centres in Europe.Temple Bar has developed a reputation for being over-priced however this is only true of some establishments and there are still quite a few pubs and bars in Temple Bar that offer value for money. Three such establishments are Oscars Café Bar, The Foggy Dew and Paddy Kearnys, who all offer fantastic Irish hospitality, a large range of drinks and value for money and deals.

Location: A short 17 minute stroll from Clifden House, on the south bank of the River Liffey. 

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