How to win? Five simple tips for newbies to online poker

How to win? Five simple tips for newbies to online poker


Read in detail the rules of the online poker

Often, players with experience in live poker think they can start playing online without any problems. But, in fact, Internet poker has many nuances that beginners don’t even know about.

First, figure out the time bank or time that you have available to move, and which differs on different platforms and in different types of games.

If in life a player can think about his move for a while, online users, as a rule, have only a few tens of seconds to make the right decision. If you haven’t decided what to do with your bet during this time, it will simply disappear, so it’s better to practice in advance on free rooms with different time banks.

Secondly, before you start playing on any of the platforms, be sure to familiarize yourself with the site’s lobby, the features of bets, the transfer of real money to chips at the checkout, the commission for each bet (rakeback) and the bonus system. Well, and most importantly, do not forget that online poker is characterized by playing many more hands, compared to the “live” game. Therefore, do not rush to play for money and practice using the room interface efficiently and quickly before playing a full-fledged game.

How to win? Five simple tips for newbies to online poker


Start small

The lot of online poker professionals is to play multiple tables at the same time with high stakes.

It may seem impossible for a beginner to make decisions in a matter of seconds and simultaneously place multiple bets with fairly serious money.

That is why experts advise novice online poker users to start with the lowest possible stakes and one table per game. Only after gaining experience at this level and the desire to play faster can you switch to multi-tabling – playing on several tables at the same time. For experienced players, online poker is turning from an ordinary entertainment into a full-fledged sport with big wins, in which attentiveness, balance, the ability to quickly analyze a situation and make the right decisions are extremely important.

How to win? Five simple tips for newbies to online poker


Use additional online poker software

Some platforms allow the use of additional software that allows you to monitor the state of the game and each player individually in real time.

At first it may seem like a cheat code in a video game, but in reality professional poker players also keep similar statistics, only in their heads. The peculiarity of online poker is that you can install an additional program that will help you better understand the game.

Different types of such software allow you to track the statistics of other opponents’ decision-making, their marking, depending on the strength and number of hands won, the history of all hands played, the percentage of folds / raises, etc.

If the platform allows the use of such software, it is better to install additional programs and get more data about the game. Supporting software can be either paid or free. Your best bet is to start with free programs and see if you should be spending your money on such tools at all. It may be better for some players to opt out of them, as many official online poker tournaments do not allow such software to be used.

How to win? Five simple tips for newbies to online poker


Feel free to learn about online poker

As in the case of additional software, and to determine your own strategies in poker, it will not be superfluous to learn this game.

There are many online poker tutorials, tutorials, and even books out there today. Professional players and industry experts will tell you how to effectively spend hours at multiple tables, what to fear and what to do to grow.

If you are considering online poker in the long term, take the time to learn and play every day. Audio lessons can be combined with physical exercises – they say that this way the brain remembers and assimilates information better. Modern online poker is developing rapidly, new rules are emerging, winnings are growing and players are constantly being added. Therefore, a competent player should always follow the news, learn and practice.


Define your goals

Regular players should also determine the amount of money you plan to win by constantly raising that bar.

After determining your own strategy and getting the first big wins, try to spend money on improving your comfort while playing.

This may include purchasing a comfortable chair, purchasing more advanced equipment, additional screens, the software mentioned above, or training materials. Investing in poker often brings players much more, ultimately allowing them to reach a professional level and take part in international tournaments.

Here are the simplest and most reliable rules that will allow you to win online poker.

The main international poker tournament, the World Series of Poker, may again be held online this year due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For poker sports organizations, canceling such big events means a huge loss of money. At the same time, massive self-isolation and lockdown give rise to a completely new direction – online gambling and, in particular, online poker.

Even famous footballers start streaming poker during quarantine, and experts expect a real boom in online gambling due to the prevailing conditions. With this in mind, HB has put together five simple tips to help you win at least a few hands of online poker.