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Best Restaurants in Carrick on Shannon

Posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Best Restaurants in Carrick on Shannon

Our Restaurant Guide to Carrick on Shannon

After serious discussions and deliberations with staff and friends we have compiled our final list of the best restaurants in Carrick-on-Shannon. The list includes a selection of Irish, Italian, Chinese and European cuisines. The prices range from “great value” to “special occasion prices”. We hope you enjoy.

1. Divinos – Italian
Prices €12 - €15
Divinos is the best restaurant in Carrick-on-Shannon for authentic Italian food. The staff are very friendly and are a mixture of Italian and locals. The décor is typically Italian with an elegant feel. The atmosphere is very relaxed and perfectly suited to Carrick-on-Shannon. All the dishes are made from scratch using authentic Italian recipes and some of the finest local produce.
Divino’s is located a short 5 minute walk from Carrick Plaza Suites

2. Kaff’Eile – Café
Prices €3 - €7
If you are in Carrick-on-Shannon and looking for a café then Kaff’Eile is your best restaurant choice for you. The café has a relaxed atmosphere with warm funky décor. The Crepes and Salads are amazing but the smoothies are the best (Choc’Nut!). Kaff’Eile also do the best coffee in Carrick-on-Shannon. The staff are very friendly and it is great value for money.
Kaff’Eile is located about 15 seconds from Carrick Plaza Suites

3. The Cottage – Irish
Prices €16 - €26
The Cottage is a 7 minute drive from Carrick-on-Shannon in Jamestown but we had to put it on the list as it is one of the best restaurants in Carrick on Shannon. The Cottage as you may have guessed is set in a small whitewashed cottage overlooking the river. Although not a huge menu the food is fantastic with all the ingredients sourced locally. The staff are equally fantastic, they have perfected the skill of knowing exactly when they are needed. We would highly recommend making the short trip of 5km to Jamestown for this dining experience.
The Cottage is located 7 minutes’ drive from Carrick Plaza Suites

4. Victoria Hall Restaurant – Asian
Prices - €12 - €24
If you are looking for the best Asian restaurant in Carrick-on-Shannon then Victoria Hall is the place for you. It is the favourite amongst locals and is set inside a beautifully restored church. The top floor is everyone’s favourite so you might want to give that a mention when booking. The kitchen is open-plan, so you can see your food being prepared.
Victoria Hall is a 3 minute stroll from Carrick Plaza Suites.

5. Courtyard Kitchen – European Contemporary
Prices Mains €12 - €24
Voted the number one restaurant in Carrick-on-Shannon by popular vote on TripAdvisor. The Courtyard Kitchen lives up to its reputation, with excellent food and better service. The prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere is professional with Carrick-on-Shannon charm.
The Courtyard Kitchen is 4 minutes from Carrick Plaza Suites

6. The Oarsman - Irish & European
Prices Main €18 - €27
Yes, Carrick-on-Shannon has its very own Michelin Star restaurant and it is located in the heart of the town. When people hear Michelin Star they immediately start to think large sums of money, this is not the case with The Oarsmen who charge very reasonable rates for fantastic food, which is why it made it on to the list of best restaurants in Carrick on Shannon! They décor is typically Irish making the atmosphere very relaxed with friendly and prompt service.
The Oarsman is located just a 2 minutes stroll from Carrick Plaza Suites


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