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Dublin Airport

Posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Your Guide to Dublin Airport



What Restaurants are available in Terminal 1?


Before passenger security screening                

Alcock Brown – Breakfast, lunch & dinner available 

Amt coffee – Quality Coffee 

The angels share – Full bar and wide range of food 

Mcdonalds - Open 24 hours! 

Upper Crust - Wide variety of fresh baguettes 

Wrights of Howth – Deli/Convenience store 

After Passenger Security Screening              

Burger King – Famous flam grilled whopper burgers available 

Butlers chocolate - Café Gate

Clock bar – Traditional Irish Pub 

Leopold - High quality Coffee 

Jump juice – Juice Bar 

Marqette – Food Market 

Puro Gusto – Baked Goods 

Refuel – Fresh fruit, Granola & Pastries 

Soho coffee – Friendly atmosphere

Garden terrace bar and restaurant – Outdoor terrace 

Starbucks – High quality Coffee 

Streetfeast – Grab & Go Food 

Wrights of Howth – Gourmet Irish Food Store 


What restaurants are available in Terminal 2? 

Before passenger security screening        

 Diep - Noodle Bar 

Gourmetburger kitchen – All about the burger 

Oak - Cafe Bar 

O’Briens - Sandwich Bar 

Wrights of Howth – Deli/convenience store 

After Passenger Security Screening     

 Burger King -  Famous Flame grilled whoppers available 

Butlers chocolate -  Café 

Chocolate lounge - All things chocolate

Flutes - Champagne Bar 

Harvest market - Hearty Breakfast & Lunch options

 Irish meadows – last minute snacking

 Java Republic  - Café

 Lavazza - Coffee Specialties

 Lavazza Espression - Coffee shop

 Puro Gusto -  Baked goodies 

The Slaney - Food & beverage with a view of the airfield      


Dublin Airport FAQ's 

Q. Does Dublin Airport close? 
A. It is open 24 hours a day, 364 days a year, Closed only on Christmas day
Q. How far is Dublin Airport from the city centre?
A. Dublin airport is approximately 10km from the city centre. Approx 20 minutes drive

Q.What are the public transport options?

Q. Can I exchange currency Dublin Airport?
A. Yes,

Q.How can I arrange wheelchair assistance?
A. For details click here

Q. Can I smoke past the security?
A.There is a designated smoking area at The Garden Terrace bar in Terminal 1 only

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. You must check with your individual airline for terms in advance of travelling

Q. What is the luggage weight allowence?
A. You must check with your individual airline before departure, as the rules vary between airlines

Q. What travel documentation do I need to travel?
A. You must check with your individual airline advance of travelling

Q. Is there Wi-Fi internet access at Dublin Airport?
A. Yes

Q. Where do I drop someone off or collect someone?
A. Set-down areas available at both terminals

Q. Where do I find my flight information?
A. Flight information boards, information desks or you can call  +353 1 8141111 or check online

Q. How long before my flight  should I arrive?
A. No less than 90 minutes before departure. Check with your individual airline

Q. Can I take baby milk though security?
A. Yes, you can take baby milk through

Dublin Airport Manor by theKeycollection location:


A stay in Dublin Airport Manor by theKeyCollection will have you located in the leafy Dublin suburbs beside Dublin Airport, where the country-side blends with the city. Our local neighbourhood is known as Swords and is full of bars, cafés, restaurants, shops, cinemas and plenty more. Dublin City Centre is a mere 20 minutes away, as is the picturesque coastal suburb of Malahide.


Swords Dining options: 


The Irish One - Fingal Café, 50 Main Street, Co Dublin, Swords

Style: ‘Chipper’ or Takeaway Restaurant.

There is seating available also. 

The Great Value One - Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant, Mains Court Swords, Co Dublin 

Style: Thai Food. 


The Tasty One -  Essence Bistro, 75 Main St, Swords, Co. Dublin 

Style: European Cuisine 


The Fancy One - Bon Appetit, 9 St. James's Terr, Malahide 

Style: French Restaurant


Swords Bar options:  


The Local One – The Star Bar – A Classic Dublin Welcome, Hearty Meal & Pint of Guinness


The Local Brew One – The Attic Bar – 80’s/90’s Nostalgia, Oasis and Countless Pale Ales


The Fancy One – Empire – Funky DJ’s, Fantastic Wine & Better Cocktails


The “Place To Be Seen” One – The Wright Venue – Ireland’s Only Super Club


The Quirky One - The Ploughman Bar and Grill - Stunning modern dishes with a local Dublin atmosphere 

Swords Café options: 


Mrs Jones’ Country Kitchen

Butler’s Chocolate Café 


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