20 January 2019

Grafton Street

The Grafton Street Quarter comprises of not only Grafton Street but the intersecting winding streets that are littered with the best shops, pubs, cafés and restaurants in our city. This wonderful little area is straddled on one side by Trinity College Dublin and on the other by the picturesque St Stephen’s Green.


The Grafton Street area is just as well-heeled with bars & pubs as it is with shops. Grab an Irish Coffee and watch the shoppers go by or relax with a Pina Colada after a busy day on the high-street. 

The Posh One - The Bailey – A people watchers paradise, with a heaving menu and tasty refreshments.

The Local One - The Duke – A true local atmosphere in the heart of the city.

The “Place To Be Seen” One - Lillies Bordello – An upmarket Dublin institution with reasonably priced cocktails.

The Fun One – Bruxelles – The statue of legendary rock star Phill Lynott stands as a figurehead for this famous Dublin rock bar. 


Dublin like most large Western European cities has a large range of cuisine and the Grafton Street area has a large collection of restaurants.

The Authentic Italian One - Carluccio's - Famous, international, tasty, traditional and always an amazing experience.

The Fancy One - Fire Restaurant & Lounge – Located beside the residents of the Lord Mayor, Fire is the perfect setting for any special occasion.

The Steakhouse One - Maro Pierre White Steakhouse & Grill – Celebrity Chef Marco Pierre White has created one of the best steakhouses in the city!

The Generic One - Mao Chatham Row - Great value Asian restaurant, two minutes from Grafton Street. Generic but beautiful.

The Manager’s Choice One – Darwins – Warm friendly staff, flavorsome ingredients, delicious cuisine and a large range of drinks.


With St Stephen’s Green and Trinity College so close to the Grafton Street area there is a variety of attractions to suit all visitors to the city.

The Historians’ Dream One – Book of Kells – An 800 A.D artistic masterpiece and a vital part of human history

The Art Lover’s One – Chester Beatty Library – One of Europe’s largest collection of historical and religious artifacts housed in an enchanting museum

The Scenic One – St Stephen’s Green - Stunning Victorian Park located at the top of Grafton Street

The Museum One - National Museum of Ireland – The most financially and temporally economical way to learn about Ireland’s historical development (both human and geographic)


Dublin’s Café and coffee culture has really taken off over the last twenty years and some of the city’s best are located around

The Latest One - Gotham Café Ltd – Hidden Gem made a little less hidden through its excellent service and high quality coffee.

The Cuban One - Havana Café – Located in the Cuban Cigar Emporium. Grab a stogie and a latté and take a well-earned break.

The Quirky One - The Bald Barista – You’ll recognise the owner he’s bald. You’ll recognise the food it looks and tastes fresh. You’ll recognise the coffee it smells amazing.

The Sicilian One - Il Fico Sicilian Café – Traditional pizza, deli meats and cheeses just like mamma used to make


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