The Exhibitionist Hotel Kensington

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Rating: 5

"Came here for a walk in the morning and it was lovely, there is a cafe inside for a coffee. The park itself is clean and well kept, little confusing which way you are heading so some signage would have been appreciated but we figured it out, just a lot of walking."

Rating: 5

"We visited the Diana memorial playground, what an amazing space. There were loads of different areas for different aged children all very cleverly linked together. It was structured in a way that meant it never really felt that crowded despite the fact that there were an awful lot of people there. Drinks from the cafe were fine we didn't try the food."

Rating: 5

"Beautiful spot in the midst of a busy London. Quiet and pretty with lots of places to sit and watch the world go buy. Peter pan statue too"

Rating: 5

"Great place to sport or walk around. There is always a bunch of people going around and enjoying its nature. It took me around an area to cross all the park from side to side. The park is clean. There are a lot of areas when you can sit and chill, or even have a picnic if you are respectful with the nature."

Rating: 4

"Nice park in the centre of London. No "keep off the grass" signs here; this is a real park with people walking their dogs, children exploring the wild places, trees, grass, water, benches and one-time row boat rentals. The variety of birds is amazing. Plus it has a few marquee places such as a statue of Peter Pan (amazing, for a guy that never existed), the Process Dianna fountain/path and the Albert Memorial. Some loos not requiring a coin would make it perfect."

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